The Conservatory of Classical Ballet is currently fundraising to support its 2018-2019 Classical Ballet Diversity Scholarships & Programs - a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.   The program aims to provide ballet scholarships and unique Master Class programming - for promising students and students from under-represented communities and populations - to enable greater participation in high quality ballet training. Diversity groups include diverse ethnic groups, boys,  financially at risk children/families, and children with disabilities.  Like most worthy endeavors, ballet training is costly and can favor those with greater means. Our program aims to level the playing field by offering  greater access and opportunity to participate in this unique activity which is culturally rich, global, intensely artistic and athletic.  The project has three specific goals:

1) To provide 10 Summer Intensive Scholarships and 10 Academic Year Scholarships to exceptional, in-need and diversity candidates ages 5-18.  The Conservatory's Summer academic programs include daily ballet instruction and its curriculum includes character dancing, contemporary / jazz, stretch and body conditioning and performance and competition opportunities.  Information can be found on our Academic Program Page at this link.  The Summer Program is designed to enrich dancers by accelerating their training through rigorous daily instruction or for those new to ballet, introducing them to ballet and all its rich history and benefits.  The Summer Program is located on the campus of Greenwich Academy school, and programming details can be found at our Summer Programs information page. Importantly, quality faculty are the heart of any program be it year round or summer. Our faculty are world-class and have a demonstrated passion and success in working with children and developing their talents. Click here to learn about The Conservatory' exceptional teaching faculty. 

2) To provide 10 Academic Year Scholarships to Special Needs children for participation in an Adaptive Dance program designed especially for them. This program is new to the Conservatory (fan 20180) and is modeled after a program at Boston Ballet for children with Down syndrome and children on the Autism spectrum. Click here to learn about the Adaptive Dance model program and the benefits of ballet and dance for children with disabilities. 

3) To provide 3 Master Classes this year to the local ballet / dance community in order to bring world-class instruction directly into our local community. These can include specialists in a particular ballet/dance discipline or guest artists from around the country or world who can bring unique instruction to dancers in our community and surrounding areas. The Conservatory has already hosted one highly successful Master Class, and photos and testimonials are available via the Master Class information page. 

Public Benefit of the Conservatory's Programs

The public benefit of the project is to provide greater access to high quality ballet / dance instruction. The benefits of ballet and dance are numerous and documented by professionals including neuroscientists and they include improved cognitive functioning, improved coordination, improved strength, mobility and agility, improved musicality, improved social connections and greater self-esteem. Ballet is also highly collaborative and fosters a sense of team-work and celebration of shared success. Click here to learn more about published research supporting the benefits of classical ballet education; click here to read the latest media about the Conservatory's role in the community.

Tax-Deductible Contributions

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Contributions for the charitable purposes of the Greenwich Conservatory of Classical Ballet's Master Class Series, Summer Intensive Scholarship Program, and Adaptive Ballet Program for Down Syndrome Children must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Fractured Atlas is the country's largest fiscal sponsor, helping thousands of artists and organizations raise the money they need to make artistic projects with clear public benefit come to life. Click on the black Donate Now at Fractured Atlas to make a donation now, or receive further information on how to give by check or other means.