Private ballet lessons are available to all Conservatory students and any outside dancers or interested athletes on a first-come, first-served basis.  Private lessons provide the opportunity to work on specific, individual dance corrections and improvments as well as to work on specific individual choreography (such as preparation for a competition piece).   Contemporary and stretch/conditioning private lessons are also available by appointment.  Click here to inquire about Private Lessons rates and availability for your dancer. 

"My alignment has improved significantly ever since I began working with Ms. Polanskaya. Not only does she give very good and clear verbal instructions, but she also utilizes therabands to show exactly which muscle group one should be using for every movement and what it should feel like."

"Ms. Polanskya’s attention to detail and hands on approach provide an unparalleled level of instruction.  She truly cares about her students and helping them develop into strong, beautiful dancers.  I believe the girls sense this and are inspired by it. "