REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds given once a student is enrolled in the program and signed up for particular class(es). For students who enroll late in the semester, tuition may be prorated -please inquire upon enrollment. No refunds will be given for classes missed due to illness, school holidays, inclement weather.

CLASS SCHEDULE, CANCELLATIONS, and LEVEL PLACEMENT: The Conservatory's schedule is posted on the online calendar.  The Conservatory reserves the right to cancel or combine classes due to number of registrants and placement in class is strictly determined by the teacher(s) and is designed for the benefit for the child and their dance development.  Dancers may be moved up or down a Level based on teacher input. 

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is essential for true progression.  Excessive absences may result in the student being move down a level, or participation in performances may be limited. Please advise if your dancer will be absent in advance of the class if at all possible as a courtesy to the teacher. Classes will start promptly at the scheduled time(s) and prompt arrival is paramount. Please make every effort to have your dancer to class on time and fully prepared to enter the studio at the class start time. Promptness allows for proper warm-up, to avoid injury and is also a demonstration of respect to the teacher(s). 

BEHAVIOR: Respectfulness and a demeanor of attentiveness in class is expected at all times.  Excessive interruptions, talking, tardiness or inappropriate behavior can be cause for suspension or dismissal from the program.

PICK UP/ DROP OFF/ PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Safety and care of students is of utmost priority therefore please pick up your child at the designated pick up time, especially for late classes. Teachers will make every effort to wait for parental arrival, however are not responsible for students' supervision after class hours. Please be mindful that pesonal property left at the studio cannot be safeguarded and that the Conservatory is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

PRIVATE LESSONS: All private lessons must be booked through the GCCB office, please email or call 203-918-3933.

PARENT PARTNERSHIP: The Conservatory is very interested in the feedback of parents and families.  Questions related to your dancer's progress should be directed at the teacher(s) however not during class time; questions related to the program should be directed to the Conservatory staff via email or phone. Ideas for improving the program or any community service projects are most welcome.

*The Greenwich Conservatory of Classical Ballet does nor share or sell information to third parties.