The following is a list of websites and businesses we love for their quality and the value they bring to our local and broader classical ballet community.  

Greenwich Performing Arts Studio, this is a quality, likeminded program focuses on the disciplines of theater arts. The mission is clear and beautiful, to build real confidence as opposed to teaching kid how to market themselves like products.  Brava GPS and thank you for your service to children in our community. 

Attitude Dance, also a great quality ballet store with excellent pointe shoe stock and unique ballet accessories. Owner is former professional dancer and master pointe shoe fitter and they offer standing discount on all pointe shoes for students.

A Ballet Education, this is David King's wildly successful ballet blog. If you want to stay in the know on emerging issues in ballet and dance, don't miss one of Mr. King's posts. He can spot trends a mile away and updates his site and blog regularly. Don't blame us if you become addicted!

Pointe Magazine, a must read for aspiring dancers and their families to learn about the landscape of ballet and dance in the United States, including reviews of current ballet productions, tours and companies. 

Grishko, world class ballet brand with fantastic master fitter in the New York store location. Great apparel and always the chance of a celebrity dancer sighting when you visit the west side NYC flagship store.

Beam & Barre, great quality all-purpose ballet apparel and pointe shoe store, located in Greenwich, CT. Great customer service and excellent array of ballet leotards at all price points and quality levels. They also have a loyalty program with discounts and rewards. 

Steps on Broadway, NYC, the quintessential NY dance hub, created by grande dame of dance and patroness extraordinaire Carol Paumgarten, Steps is the place to take a drop in dance class and there are dozens to choose from each day!  Get a Steps ID and drop in for a class, they never disappoint.

YouTube Vaganova Exam Videos, these are exciting sneak peaks into one of the most prestigious ballet school in the world.  The dancers' quality of movement is breathtaking and profound. 

Gene Schiavone, world-class ballet photographer, the Annie LIebowitz of classical ballet. His story as to how he came into this speciality is also delciiously serendipitous.And  Mr. Schiavone, despite his somewhat celebrity status as premiere ballet photographer, is eager to work with preprofessionals and aspiring dancers.

DiscountDance, a great website if you are looking for well priced ballet and dance attire as well as accessories and training supplies.