Top Articles on the Benefits of Classical Ballet & Dance Training

Below is a collection of powerful articles which articulate the many benefits of classical ballet training. 

1)   This is was was published by the Child Development Iinstitute - which was recommended by both American Psychological Association and Psychology Today during its first year of operation and is linked to by thousands of univsersities, school districts, professional organizations and public agencies.  The article mentions ballet's positive benefit in developing ability to follow instructions (required when learing complex or even simple choreography) as well as improved coordination and balance.  Click here for full article

2)  This article on HealthFitnessRevolution's site lists top 10 benefits to classical ballet training, and includes improved sensory-motor functioning as well as the core physical benefits such as improved posture.  Click here for full article

3)  This article was written by Harvard Medical School Department of Neurobiology and focuses on the benefits of dance to the brain and its therapeutic value and use. Click here for full article.  

4)  This article which appeared in The Guardian is perhaps the favorite. It is written by a former professional dancer turned CEO of London-based advertising agency. In it, the author mentions the incredible attention to detail ballet dancers develop, and how it has aided her in her business life from diving deep into numbers and data ..."no detail too trivial to take seriously." Click here for full article.   

4)  This article was written by 21 year old Jess Hoffeldt , describing the life lessons learned from her 15 years of ballet training.  Beautiful and well written article as an ode to her teachers.  Click here for full article

Mimi Citarella